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Our Solutions

We select, implement, and integrate all aspects of your technology infrastructure to created a holistic building block for your success.

Hyperconvergence is more than just the most popular new technology for business, it is a fundamental information architecture foundation for building highly agile, reliable and powerful organizations. At Borntrager we don't just offer hyperconverged solutions, we specialize in them.

Disaster Recovery

Backups and disaster recovery planning are among the most important things protecting your business from data loss and downtime. At Borntrager data protection is not an afterthought but a core competency and focus.


Businesses run on data and where you store it, how fast it is, and how safe it is are critical factors that need deep understanding. At Borntrager we don't just know storage, but are a global storage educator helping countless organizations protect themselves.

Support for Your Infrastructure

Borntrager isn't just here to sell you the goods and walk away. We continue to provide infrastructure support services to make sure you have a solid, reliable foundation on which to build your business.

Business runs on its infrastructure, we specialize in the backbone of your company

Providing guidance and components for building a solid base on which to build your business and your future.

Your infrastructure represents the foundation on which your business sits.  Without proper speed, agility, reliability, protection and support your business is at risk.  At Borntrager we focus on this critical area of your business to give you and your team what you need to achieve your goals.  Instead of being held back by your technology infrastructure, become enabled by it.  Instead of being worried, be confident.  Instead of wondering how you will handle growing your business, be bold and know that your core backbone is ready to take you as high as you are prepared to go.

Best vendors and best support.

Borntrager hand picks best of breed vendors and partners to deliver our solutions.  We provide solutions in which we have experience and confidence.

Deep Industry Relationships

Technical Vendor Partnerships

Deep Product Expertise

Market Leading Capabilities

Direct Integration Skills

Exclusive Vendor Access

Building companies that thrive.

Let us show you how Borntrager can help you by providing and supporting solutions that empower and embolden your business to grow and adapt. We will look to the future, together.


Growing your business requires the right infrastructure partner.

Partnering for business growth and opportunity demands the right people, skills and resources.

Our team focuses on infrastructure; it’s our passion. We select the best vendors, integrate products and design solutions. We don’t focus on a single solution but offer a range of designs and approaches so that we can evaluate your needs and build the right solution for you.  Focused, but flexible. Design, implement, support. We stay with you to make sure your solution continues to meet your needs.

Where is Borntrager Located?

While we operate all over the US, Borntrager is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

How Are Vendor Partners Selected?

At Borntrager we seek out best of breed solutions that we feel fit together and fulfill best the needs of our customers and forge strong relationships that allow us to deliver these products independently, as well as jointly integrated, like no one else.

What is a Typical Engagement?

A typical engagement with Borntrager would include vendor and product selection, solution integration, deployment, training, long term operation and support and lifecycle management.  Borntrager is all about partnering for the long term to ensure you are always certain that your infrastructure is ready to meet your business’ needs.


Let a Borntrager account manager connect you with the right team.

We assemble internal integrators and technology experts, account reps and project managers, vendor resources and personnel to build and support your business' solutions today and into the future.

You want your business to not just succeed but to grow and to do that you need a partner with the scale, expertise, experience, relationships, and vision to do take you there. At Borntrager we are here to enable you to achieve your goals.


Let Our Team Stand Behind Your Team

We provide the solid base on which your technology team can build your business. We enable IT teams to focus on business enablement while we focus on business foundations and protection.
Ready to take your business to the next level with infrastructure by Borntrager?